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Located in Milford, CT, Diversified Manufacturing and Services, LLC is a full service electronics contract manufacturing company. Our goal is to partner with businesses by providing customer specified electronic assemblies and services including surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology, single and double-sided as well as testing, repair, upper level assemblies and box builds.
We provide the facilities, equipment, resources and knowledge needed to supply PC board assemblies, board level and upper level to reduce our customer's expenses while meeting their requirements. We deliver product and services suited for prototype, small, medium and large runs. Diversified seeks to become an essential value add to any company with the need to contract out their electronic assembly production.


The reason for partnering with us is simple. You’ll be lowering your overall overhead and labor costs by lowering your expenses for equipment, maintenance, required floor space, training, purchasing and on hand inventory. Think of this as instantly expanding your capability with no out of pocket expenses or funds being tied up in excess inventory.


We are focused on one thing, electronic assemblies. Our equipment is modern, maintained and continuously being updated as needed and our relationships with our suppliers is long established. When you’re partnered with Diversified Manufacturing, you’re focused on your electronic product with cost effective purchasing, fast and flexible turnaround times and accuracy. Of course test and repair of your product is always available.


Strategically partnered with Diversified Engineering (DEC), we offer a broad range of Electronic Design Services from circuit design, PCB layout, circuit testing to complete turnkey designs including mechanical packaging. Even if you have a skilled and experienced design team, there comes times when workloads exceed capabilities. DEC's development services include micro controllers, power conversion, electro-optical and analog circuits. 

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