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We believe an open channel of communication is essential to a healthy and productive working relationship between our customers and ourselves. We work closely with our customers and vendors to provide PCBs and upper level assemblies to our customers’ documentation, expectations and satisfaction.

Manufacturing Services:


  • Material procurement
  • Material management
    (consignment, turn-key or partial turn-key/consignment basis)
  • Component programming
  • Board level assembly and test
  • Upper level assembly and test
  • First article customer approval
  • Package and drop ship
  • Conformal coating


We offer the type of manufacturing to our customers to get the finished product you need for:

  • Prototype
  • Quick turn
  • Pre-production
  • Small, medium and large volume production
  • Upper level assemblies
  • Box build
  • Panel build

Working with the Customer


We assist in addressing such issues as long lead time or obsolete components, manufacturability concerns and procedural documentation. As part of the process, we will work with the customer to help finalizing documentation to their satisfaction.


Through our experiences and existing relationships with supporting companies, we’re able to source qualified suppliers of raw PC boards, components, harnesses, enclosures, etc. This is especially valuable when a new product is released as it allows the customer to be proactively involved with the initial manufacturing. As issues develop, they’re communicated and acted upon.

Testing Services:


Naturally, our goal is zero defects. This goal is best realized with thorough testing. DMS will provide the degree of testing required by our customers. Working with our customers, we offer the development of test rigs and procedures.

Repair Services:


It’s a fact of life that field failures exist. DMS offers repair services for the products we manufacture. As part of the repair process, we don’t just perform the repairs. We document all repairs performed; record the symptom and work performed in the repair process. Using this statistical data, we can suggest possible product improvements.

Engineering Services, Product Design and Development 

Diversified Engineering is the engineering and design partner of Diversified Manufacturing and Services, LLC. Founded in 1989, they offer contract product development and design including hardware and software development for electronic products. Their diverse background includes experience in a variety of disciplines. DE has extensive experience with all families of PIC microcontrollers and has been rated by Microchip as the #1 Gold Consultant 4 years in a row.


Diversified Engineering can start from your product concept or specifications and provide complete engineering design and development services. After documentation approval, they can proceed to the prototyping phase to provide functional prototype boards for approval and a final product to your specifications.

Often on existing PC board designs, components become obsolete. If a design needs to be updated or reverse engineered, Diversified Manufacturing can take your PCB, schematic and mechanical requirements to layout a PC board to fit your needs.


Diversified is presently using OrCAD 10.5 and PCAD 8.7 for all schematic capture and PCB layout.

Our Commitment to You

I realize that this website states the same as every other website states, a commitment to quality, low cost and customer satisfaction. After all, the existence of our company (as well as yours) depends on it.


Whether you’re going to market with a new product, looking for competitive quotes or keeping your present contract manufacturer “honest”, we simply ask for an opportunity to quote. If we feel we could provide the services you require, then we’ll provide a competitive quote. In rare instances, a job may require specialized equipment we don’t currently possess. We’ll either invest in an upgrade (if it makes sense) or appreciate the opportunity but will decline to quote.


As a customer, your end goal is on time delivery of working products at an acceptable price from a reliable supplier that will partner up and seamlessly work alongside your company. You should expect nothing less.

Customers come and go and products get phased out over time in this business. Diversified Manufacturing has never lost a customer due to quality, performance or lead time issues. We support the products we manufacture. As a company, we’re always looking to continuously improve.


Product quality and on time delivery is my direct responsibility.


Drew Bocco


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