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Whether it’s a new design or you're keepng your present supplier honest, Diversified Manufacturing is ready to provide a cost competitive quote, large quantities or small runs, production or prototypes. Call us at 203 878-9375 or email at


Quotation Information


Diversified Manufacturing will provide a no obligation quote for your circuit board and upper level assemblies typically in 3 days or less. DMS could help figure things out when the board information is incomplete but we ideally require a bill of material, board artwork in the form of Gerber files and expected quantities per order.  Quoted price breaks are as requested. The customer should include whatever other assembly aspects are necessary that may affect labor such as special assembly requirements and test procedures.


Pricing and Lead-time


Typical quoted lead times are 6-8 week pending material availability. DMS works with customers to improve typical leadtimes, often without any cost impact. We accept blanket orders with pre-agreed upon periodic partial releases. This allows the customer to take full advantage of higher quantity price breaks at lower quantity releases.


Reverse Engineering


Is your original board information obsolete or lost to time? Many times, we can reverse engineer an existing design from a sample board, schematic or if sufficient, customer information. We can produce new gerber files, schematics and a small quantity prototype boards for design verification.


Warranty and Repairs


DMS offers a full 1-year product warranty on the board and assembly workmanship. We can also support the product with repair services for field failures.

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